Work with CIKC

Our offering to industry


  • easy “front door” to access University of Cambridge OLAE technologies, know-how & IP
  • access to our specialist equipment
  • access to training in OLAE technology and entrepreneurship


  • facilitation of Open Innovation projects
  • project definition & setup
  • project management
  • consultancy and short projects with/for industry

If you are interested in working with CIKC to commercialise technological developments, please contact us to discuss the opportunities.

Student Projects

Working with the University on a business consultancy project gives you the opportunity to harness the technical and management skills of students from a range of disciplines to deliver results of real value to project partners.

There are a number of programmes that can offer student projects, including the Judge Business School MBA programme (Cambridge Venture Project, Global Consulting Project, Individual Projects), MPhil students (MOTI, ISMM) and Management Studies and Manufacturing Engineering Tripos Students.

See for more details of student projects with the Judge Business School and for projects with the Institute for Manufacturing.