Professor Daping Chu

Jan 18, 2013   //   by admin   //   CIKC People, Investigators

Professor Daping Chu was the project leader for the CIKC work on both liquid crystal on silicon devices for phase only holography (PASSBACK) and for reflective displays using smectic A liquid crystals (LEAF). He is the Head of the Photonics and Sensors Group and Chairman of CAPE (Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics) Steering Committee.

Daping is also a Fellow and Director of Studies in Selwyn College and a Concurrent Professor of Nanjing University in China. He was formally the Chief Researcher and then the Executive Researcher at Cambridge Research Laboratory of Epson. His research activity has been in the areas of both theoretical and experimental condensed matter physics, semiconductor devices and materials, nanostructures and properties, ferroelectrics non-volatile memory devices, organic electronics and inkjet fabrication process. Currently research interests include: future display technologies including full colour high brightness trans-reflective displays and 2D/3D holography, GHz/THz tunable dielectrics, energy saving and radiation control for the built environment, metal oxide materials and transparent electronics, and printable and flexible electronics and inkjet fabrication.