Anti-fraud lasers and inks for transparent electronics

Nov 5, 2013   //   by admin   //   News archive

Two CIKC-funded demonstrators – a detection device which uses printed lasers to fight fraud, and a piano game which demonstrates the potential of graphene inks for printing flexible and transparent electronics – have been featured on the Cambridge University website and in the press.

The printed anti-fraud laser and flexible graphene demos were made possible with small grant funding from the CIKC for the PORTALS and 2DINKS projects. The team responsible for the printed laser is now working closely with companies to take their research further, while the second team has already started a spin-off, Cambridge Graphene Platform Limited and are now developing customised inks with their industrial partners.

Short videos of each of the protoypes are available on youtube.
Printable anti-fraud lasers

Graphene inks for flexible electronics:

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