CIKC has identified the following three core technology themes:

  • plastic (opto-)electronics: flexible displays/electronics and distributed electronics on rigid substrates at a “low” temperature budget
  • augmented or additive processing on active substrates (e.g. LCoS)
  • complementary actions such as photovoltaic or energy storage/batteries

Molecular and macromolecular material based components are likely to meet a very large range of commercial applications in displays, lighting, photovoltaics, smart packaging, smart windows, RFID etc. For example, solution-based processing of polymer semiconductors offers the potential of integrating electronic, optical and photonic devices into flexible, low-cost plastic substrates enabling a range of innovative products, and LCOS devices are becoming the main contenders in the microdisplays industry.

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LCOS holographic projection display Organic TFTs
polymer_waveguide2 OPV1
Polymer optical waveguides Polymer solar cell
Plastic LCD1 transparent electronics 2
Reflective displays on plastic Transparent microelectronics