CIKC has a collectively owned core of capital equipment, complementary to current facilities, to enable product development right through to pilot production. CIKC collaborative projects will be designed to draw upon both physical and personnel resource across the partnership. The CAPE laboratories and the Cavendish are well-equipped with dark-room, wet labs, communications demonstration and test equipment, general electronic component assembly and test as well as a large very high quality clean-room suites, which will be utilised by CIKC projects. CIKC is currently adding to this equipment for LCOS and organic electronics fabrication. .

Back end processing on the silicon CMOS platform embraces many aspects of nanotechnology, semiconductor device engineering & optical communications and is a basic resource across much of electronics & photonics. CIKC is putting in place equipment to allow die level assembly of LCOS and related device prototypes.
CIKC is setting up infrastructure for the scalable low-cost manufacture of printed thin film transistors. These have potential applications for:

  • active matrix backplanes for flexible displays
  • RFID tags
  • sensors We are also developing printing processes for polymer solar cells